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Summer Trip 2008

Hi all
This summer a colleague of mine and me made a five weeks summer trip through east europe. We also travelled through romania, so i'll show you the pics of the tour. But first of all some words about me. I'm from Switerland. I life 30km from Zurich. Here I have the main line Zurich - Chur ...

Re 460 with the "Europameister" (Euro 2008 daily special train Zurich - Vienna) at Bilten.

... and the Südostbahn (South-East-Railway).

BDe 576 as Regio Rapperswil - Einsiedeln at Freienbach (my hometown)

On June the 30st we startet our Tour from our home base in Switzerland with our rental car.

Our Chevy Tacoma somewhere in Croatia

First we made a little stopp at the Brenner (Innsbruck AT - Bozen IT).

RoLa Crossing at St. Jodok am Brenner

After travelling trought Italy, we didn't want to spend much time there, we arrived in Slovenia where we went to the Koperramp.

SZ 363 with a freight train at the Koperramp near Crnotice

Afterwards we countinued our trip at the Rijekaline, the only 3000 V DC line in Croatia.

Italian made HZ 1061 with a putniki vlak at Moravice

Then we reached our first goal: the Likaline.

HZ 2062 with a putniki vlak near split

HZ 2062 with a freigt train at Malovan

After some days at the Likaline, we continued the trip in direction of romania. First of all we travelled trought Bosnia, where we saw one very long train.

ZFBH 661 with a passenger train at Rudice

At the evening we reached Croatia again and made some other pics.

HZ 1142 with IC Beograd - Zagreb at Orlovac. The first coach is a through coach to Zurich

The next day we travelled through Serbia.

ZS 666 Titoloco with a freight train somewhere in Serbia

The evening of thursday july 10th we finally reached Timisoara. The day after we startet to take some fotos of the romanian railway, but this story I'll tell you in the next chapter.

Sorry for interrupting, but WOOOOW    What a report!!!! It's great, keep up the good work

Summer Tour 2008 - Timisoara Day one

Hi again
So let me tell you about our first day at Timisoara:
The days in Timisoara we stood in hotel do stil in the center of the city. Fortunatly the hotel had internet, so we could look up some timetables. The evening before we were at the station and wanted a mersul trenilor, but they haven't had any. So we noted us some trains which we want to catch up from the internet. The next morning (july 11th) we first went out to take some fotos of a localtrain to Radna. We didn't know what rolling stock the train was build of, so we were couriose about it. At Giarmata we then saw the train. It was an CFR 60 with some "Görlitzer". That was a fact that made us happy because the 60 locos were one factor to travel to romania. You probably imagine why, we are swiss and this are swiss locos. The 60 is something like the diesel brother of our Ae 6/6.

Ae 6/6 with a freight train at Bilten (CH)

But back to Romania. We saw this train at a railway crossing an had now to take it over. This wasn't very easy because your roads are in a very bad condition. At Pischia we got the train and made a first foto at the Station of Pischia.

Localtrain at Pischia

We then went to Zabrani where we want to take an other foto. We then waited for a long time. Your timetables are really funny, your trains has courios long stopps and nobody knows why. We then decided to go, because we want to make an IC from Bucuresti to Timisoara. For this we had to travel to the region of Arad, so we give us an deadline. Just as we get in the car we heared the horn of the train, so we ran to the tracks and made another foto:

Localtrain at Zabrani

We then went at the region of Arad, where we found no good places to take a foto of the IC. We waited in a station and saw that it was an ugly Desiro, so we decided not to take some fotos of it. (Note: If there are some Desiro Fans in here. Later on the trip we made some good fotos of this train.) At noon we spend three hours at the 900, but there where no trains at all. So we then tavelled to Jebel to take some fotos of the 920 to Liebling. At Jebel we saw some Ferkeltaxi (CFR 79) leaving for Giera. The station inspector told us, or better with his hands he let us know, that the street takes an even shorter way then the railway, so we then driven to the point where the street meets the railway. There we made two fotos:

79 at the region of Jebel

After the 79 we went to Liebling. It was very curious for us, that there is only one daily train. Here in switzerland it's normal that you have at least one train per hour many lines have two or even more. But we where happy that at the 920 is at least one Malaxa per day. Because it's so slow we could took at least four fotos till Jebel.

77 between Liebling and Jebel.

At Jebel we made another pair of 79.

79 to Timisoara at Jebel

The last point on our list of this day was the R 361 Beograd - Bucuresti. So we travelled to Stamora Moravita where we fotografed a Malaxa uin the station.

77 at Stamora Moravita

A tollkeeper told us then that it's a strategic point and we could not take fotos. So we went outside the station there we took a foto uf the Beograd train.

R 361 Beograd - Bucuresti at Stamora Moravita

We exspected a more colorful train but unfortunatly the only ZS Coach was at the end of the train. After Stamora Moravita we went to Jebel where we took the last pic of this day.

R 361 Beograd - Bucuresti at Jebel

After this foto we were content with this day and we went back to Timisoara, where we plant an other day at this region. But that's another story that I'll tell you next time

Hello again, here is Timisoara part two:
We loved this scruffy branch lines at the region of Timisoara, so we decided to took some more fotos at the region of Jimbolia and Sannicolau Mare. First we drove to Jimbolia to shoot the IR from Kikinda. As we were in Jimbolia we realized, that we are a too early for the IR, so we decided to go to line Lovrin - Nerau. At Teremia Banat we found a good place to took some Fotos of the Ferkeltaxi.

Class 79 Ferkeltaxi at Teremia Banat

After this two Fotos we drove back to Jimbolia. There we hid our car in a branch road, because we knew we where at the frontier and we didn't want any troubles. We than fotographed the IR from Kikinda. As we expected it were some Simobusses from the ZS.

ZS Class 812 Sinobus at Jimbolia

After this Foto we went to the Station for an other one:

ZS Class 812 Sinobus at Jimbolia

After Jimbolia we drove to Lovrin where we saw some Ferkeltaxi:

Class 79 Ferkeltaxi at Lovrin

We then wated for the connecting train, it was an Malaxa.

Class 77 and 79 at Lovrin Station

Then we drove to the exit of the station to fotograph the trains at the signal bridge:

Class 79 at the signal bridge of Lovrin

Class 77 at the signal bridge of Lovrin

We then tracked the Malaxa, we made some othe Fotos at Grabat...

Class 77 at Grabat

... and Jimbolia.

Class 77 at Jimbolia

After a short break at the restaurant near the station, we made some fotos of the train from Timisoara.

Class 82 with train from Timisoara at Jimbolia

We the drove to Periam becaus of the class 78 Malaxa. At Periam we saw an parallel exit of an class 77 and 78. Unfortunatly the class 77 train was to fast.

Modernized class 77 at Periam

Class 78 at Periam

We then tracked the class 78 train for some more fotos.

Class 78 between Periam and Sannicolau Mare.

At the station of Sannicolau we could take a pic of the 78 with an 77.

Class 77 and 78 at Sannicolau Mare.

We then looked to the timetable and saw, that there is an other train comming. We hoped it would be an class 79, because then we would have a grouppicture of these three branch line classes. Fortunatly it was a class 79 and we were very happy.

Class 78, 77 and 79 at Sannicolau Mare

Class 77 and 79 at Sannicolau Mare

We then drove to Nerau and tracked the modernized 77 on his way via Lovrin to Periam.

Modernized 77 at the way from Nerau to Periam

At Periam we then made some fotos with an older 77.

Modernized and scruffy 77 at Periam

We then tracked the train with the scruffy 77, but we didn't found a good place, so we then went back to Timisoara. The day after we went to Brasov, but that's an other story.

Excellent pictures, well done

Hello Mr.Hockey....What kind of camera are you using?

Canon EOS 40D

Back to topic After 2 days at Timisoara we travelled to Brasov.
We drove nearly one day to reach Brasov, on the road we saw an Class 58 at the region of Deva...

Class 58 Regionaltrain at Geoagiu

... and an InterCity with an Class 65 at the region of Sibiu.

Class with an InterCity at Avrig

At Brasov I watch one of the trolley busses and thought it looks like the ones at my grandmothers place at Biel some years ago. As I looked a bit better I saw the city arms of Biel an knew it was an old Bus from there, so naturaly I had to spot it.

Second hand swiss bus at Brasov

After we found a little hostel directly at the Predeal line, we went back to the station to buy an mersul trenilor. The lady at the desk showed us one, but tould us it's her's and she'll not sell us one. We then went back to our hostel watched some trains and planed the next days.

The next day we travelled to the brasov line. We knew there are many freigth trains but we expected a lot of weeds. Bouth was probably right. We the first stop some kilometers behind Predeal:

Class 40 with an passenger train behind Predeal

We then searched for a long time and found an area near Azuga there we spotet a freight train:

Class 40 with a freight train near Azuge

Middle loco at the same train

Next there was an passenger train with a new painted class 47. The idea of thes paintwork is probably stolen by Coca Cola

New look Class 47 with a passenger train

Then we changed our spotting point for about 500 meters. There we saw an other Regionaltrain with an Class 40:

Class 40 with a regionaltrain at Azuga

Next train was a freight train pushed  by an softtrans Class 47.

Softtrans Class 47 pushing a freight train

Next was an other freight train with a very durty Class 40.

Class 40 with a freight train.

Then it came a double deck train with a Class 41.

After this foto we went to Predeal and ask for a mersul trenilor, they hadn't any. So we spotet the next double-headed passenger train.

Softrans 47 in front of CFR 40 with a passenger train.

The last train was then an pushed freight train.

CFR Class 40 pushing a freight train

Then we went back to our hostel. The next day it rained, so we didn't made any fotos. The day after it rained also, but we then went to the zarnesti line. But this I'll tell you later...

Superb photos    

I like that zone Places like Brasov, Sibiu, Targu Mures, etc, are the best places to take some excellent photos, not only with trains!

Congratulations Mr._Hockey, you made a lot of beautiful pictures!  

Some high quality material presented in this topic, great job!


Mr. Hockey, congratulations! You made an excellent, beautyful and very clear and sharp photos! Well done! You known the Beograd - Podgorica - Bar line, between Serbia and Montengero? It's an incredible mountain railway line with a lots of tunnels, viaducts, and bridges. The Romanian photos are also very good! The Brasov - Predeal region is familiar to me. I was there this summer with train too. And of course my dream is the very cool Swiss mountain railways, and newly the amazing Beograd-Podgorica line! Have a nice day and keep it up! Yours truly:

zOLi, alias Oberleitung

P.S. You recognize this location?

dan tm

Petrosani-Valea Sadului it's  also a very beautyful moutain railway.
A romanian one.

Hello again
Because of my studies I had at least no time for two months. But now it's time to continue

Because of the bad weater day 16 was the first day we made no foto. The only things we made were going from the hostel to the city, join an internet coffee download an divx driver look up the weather, eat something in the mcdonalds, go back to the hostel and look some movies.

On day 17 the weather wasn't much better, but we didn't want to spent to much time at Brasov, so we decided to made some pics of the Zarnesti line. We made a first stop behind the station of Cristian. There we first saw a freight train.

Freigth train between Cristian and Rasnov. It would be cool if someone can tell me the type of the loco and the railway company.

The next train was one of this ex SNCF Class 79 from RegioTrans

A RT Class 79 between Cristian and Rasnov

We then went near Zarnesti and get an other pic of the freight train.

Freight train near Zarnesti.

We then went shortly to the city of Zarnesti, were we got a pic of a class 60.

CFR class 60 at Zarnesti.

Because Zarnesti "mainstation" wasn't really interesting, we went back to our last point and made there two pics of the RT class 79.

Two RT class 79 near Zarnesti

Finally we made a Foto of the class 79 at Rasnov with the Hollywood letters and the castle of Rasnov.

RT class 79 at Rasnov.

That was the last pic of the Brasov region, the next day we travelled to Cluj.

Congratulations for the photos, Mr._Hockey.
The orange loco with the short freight train is a LDHM45, quite a rare sight. It probably belongs to some private industrial operator. As far as I know CFR didn't have a class for it. They were used by the Bucharest subway company (the loco's size fits into the tunnel) , and some by factories or mining companies.

That industrial operator is Beyfin Gaz.

Nice photos, well done Pascal

Thanks a lot for your comments.

That particular loco is a common sight on that line. As can be deducted from the model name, it has a 450 horse power diesel engine which runs a hidraulic transmission. adn has been built by the Faur locomotive plant in Bucharest.
In Romania, single cab locos have their model number, registration number and owner plate marked on the crew cabin's side, so tri to get a shot of these next time.
cristi CFR

The orange loco is property of S.C. RC-CF Trans S.R.L.

Let's tell you about our next day. After the days in Brasov we travelled to Cluj-Napoca. At the morning we made some kilometers and at noon we reach a bridge at Sinpaul near Targu Mures. We shortly went to the station and saw, there were some some trains coming, so we went back to the bridge and took some pics of the trains at Sinpaul.

We first get twi trains with a 65 loco:

Then we got two with a class 60:

After this little stop at noon, we drove nonstop to Cluj, were we checked in a hotel. After checking in, we went to the mainline to Oradea and made some Fotos. First of all we get a local train with a class 82.

Then we expectet an IC. We thought this should be a long train with a class 60 oder 65. Unfortunatly it was an ugly Desiro.

After the desiro we got an other localtrain, fortunatly with an class 60:

Well this was our transferday to Cluj, next time i'll show you more Pics of the region of Cluj.

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